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Shelf Life Disclaimer:


ARK desires all our customers to be able to enjoy the maximum shelf life of our products. Under ideal conditions, the extended shelf life of most of our products is 10 years. The shelf like is directly related to the storage conditions of the product.

Since ARK products are single use products, shelf life is addressed for products purchased for contingencies.

For POL Sorb Products, as long as the products are kept in a dry storage area, the products will last for up to ten years.  Prolonged excessive humidity can affect the condition of some of the booms kept in plastic drums.  Prolonged use in water (months), will result in the peat moss rehydrating and losing some of its absorptive properties.

The Difference:  Some companies use cotton skins for their booms and pillows.  If they are kept in a tightly sealed drum, the skins will disintegrate and when you open the drum, you may find mush.  ARK skins have NEVER been made of cotton, so this problem will not occur. 

For Aqua Sorb and Quik Solid products, as long as the products are kept dry and unexposed to water, they will perform as anticipated.

Note:  Some Aqua Sorb applications do include re-use of the product.  This is not addressed in this Shelf Life disclaimer.


Tips to Prolonged Shelf Life

Keep all product in a cooler environment, less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

Keep the product dry.   Moisture works against dehydrated product, breaking it down faster and creating stress on the packaging.

Keep product away from direct sunlight. Think of the sun beating against the car in the summer. Because of the “oven” effect, you’re basically cooking whatever is inside the packaging. If you are storing your product on concrete, raise the food off the ground. Concrete tends to hold in moisture, so putting a few wood slats on the ground or shelving will keep the air circulating around the food and away from direct contact with moisture.