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Before and After Environment

View the Online Video of World Business Review features natural approaches to environmental problems with P.O.L. Sorb.


Peculiar, MO July 9, 2008 -- With its motto, “Protecting the environment one spill at a time,” The ARK Enterprises [] has established itself as one of the leading providers



Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces the appearance of The A.R.K. Enterprises Inc. on World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig.


July 04, 2008

The ARK Enterprises Attracting Worldwide Attention for its Green Products

The ARK's bio-based environmentally responsible tools for hazardous cleanups. Featured on international television program World Business Review, natural absorbents seen as green solution to oil contamination problems.



POL Sorb - Cost Savings

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Cost Saving


P.O.L. Sorb peat moss absorbents are extremely effective in absorbing oils and hydrocarbons; while offering savings in areas of inventory management, time, labor and waste disposal costs. Waste disposal costs account for a large part of environmental management budgets; however often these costs are either averaged or guessed. P.O.L. Sorb products have proven to significantly lower waste disposal costs,freeing up funding for other requirements. The chart below is a depiction of how using P.O.L. Sorb in every day spill clean ups can reduce your overall costs, without even factoring in logistical savings.






3.5 bags (55 lbs) of POL Sorb are required to clean up spill.

3.5 bags @ $23 = $ 80.50

3.5 bags of used POL Sorb fill only 1.2 55 gallon drums

1.2 drums of used POL Sorb @ $95 per drum(incineration) = $114.00

Total Cost using POL Sorb = $194.50




19.25 bags (770 lbs)of Clay are required to clean up spill

19.25 bags @ $4 = $77.00

19.25 bags of used Clay fills five 55 gallon drums

5 drums of used Clay @ $500 per drum (incineration) = $2500.00

Total Cost using Clay = $2577.00




How Cheap is Clay?

You started out with one barrel

but now you have generated






Also remember that clay adsorbents are far heavier and require more man-power and equipment as a result. Therefore, not only are you spending more money, you're also expending more time and effort when using clay!

That's why we say P.O.L. Sorb® is the cost-effective solution!

The next time you have a spill, use P.O.L. Sorb® and save time, labor and money!

Can hazardous wastes be incinerated safely? Does incineration make hazardous wastes non-hazardous?

A hazardous waste incinerator that is properly designed and operated to meet performance standards set by the U.S. EPA can safely and effectively reduce or destroy a wide variety of hazardous wastes. Depending on the composition of the hazardous wastes, some wastes can be rendered non-hazardous. The residues left after incineration, such as ash and materials from air pollution control equipment, must be properly managed and disposed of in accordance with U.S. EPA requirements.