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July 04, 2008

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Soil Hydration | Soils | Aqua Sorb Diaper Polymer | MSDS

Aqua Sorb Water Absorbent Polymers:

  • Increases water retention capacity of soil.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements.
  • Reduces leaching of valuable water and nutrients.
  • Reduces transplant shock.
  • Increases shelf life of plants.
  • Promotes faster growth.


Aqua Sorb is a non toxic biodegradable product which works in soil for up to 4 years. These super absorbent polymers simply break down to CO2, water and nitrogen.

Beck's Aqua Sorb Study recommends Aqua Sorb.  Click here.

Pots /Containerized Balled & Burlap Material Boxed Trees Planting Beds Sodding Bulk Soil Hydromulching
Aqua Sorb Aqua Sorb
Aqua Sorb Aqua Sorb Aqua Sorb Aqua Sorb Aqua Sorb
1 Gallon 1/3 oz 1"-3" 2 oz 24" 6 oz 1 sq ft 1" depth 1.5 tsp 5 lb. / 1000 sq ft. 2lb./cu. yd. 50 lb./acre
2 Gallon � oz 2"-8-10� 3 oz 30" 9 oz 1 sq ft 3" depth 2 tbsp      
3 Gallon � oz 3"-10�-12� 6 oz 36" 12 oz 1 sq ft 6" depth 3 tbsp.      
5 Gallon 1 oz 4"-12�-14� 8 oz 48" 16 oz 100 sq ft 1" depth 1 lb.      
7 Gallon 1.5 oz 5"-14�-16� 12 oz     100 sq ft 3" depth 3 lb.      
10 Gallon 2 oz 6"-16�-18� 16 oz     100 sq ft 6" depth 6 lb.      
15 Gallon 3 oz 7"-18�-20� 20 oz

Mix � throughout planting hole and amend backfill with remaining �.

Mix � throughout planting hole and amend backfill with remaining �.

Broadcast dry with drop seeder before sodding. Work into surface 1-2 inches if possible.

Mix thoroughly into media

Pour slowly into tank before adding fertilizer.

20 Gallon 4 oz 8"-20�-22� 24 oz
25 Gallon 5 oz

Mix � throughout planting hole and amend backfill with remaining �.

30 Gallon 6 oz

Mix thoroughly into media- follow rates listed closely.

A little water-absorbing polymer gives your plants a chance during drought conditions.

Aqua Sorb is an economical tool for those who need help maintaining established lawns, shrubs and flowers in drought conditions.

In all areas susceptible to drought use Aqua Sorb in the initial planting of sod, plants and shrubs, according to instructions on Application Page.

For established plants and shrubs, use Aqua Sorb or create reservoirs around the perimeter of the plant by digging holes and applying Aqua Sorb in the holes and thoroughly water.

For potted plants, mix Aqua Sorb in with potting soil to create a soil that easily maintains moisture throughout the entire root structure. This is helpful when going on vacation, when the plant is watered thoroughly, the dehydration of the soil occurs at a much slower rate.

For established lawns, application of Aqua Sorb can reduce irrigation requirements up to 30% and reduce plant stress.

Aqua Sorb is non-toxic and harmless to plants.

Aqua Sorb continues to work throughout several waterings. The polymer will slowly release the moisture over a period of time and become dehydrated again. Thus, when dehydrated, it can absorb water again and begin the slow release process again.

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Application rates vary due to type of soil, region and type of plant. Generally, clay soils require less polymer and sandy soils require more. Arid regions and areas subject to heat and drought require more polymer. Wet, cool regions require less polymer, however polymers in these regions are very beneficial for planting on slopes. All rates are an approximation and with experience the gardener will determine the rates for their individual needs and conditions. When applying dry water absorbing polymer, an important point is, more isn�t always better. The polymer should be worked into the ground to provide equal distribution. Some polymer users have been known to plant annuals on top of an ample amount of polymer without working it in the soil, and after the first rain, find the plant out of the ground and a large lump of jello-like substance (hydrated polymer) in its' place. If hydrated polymer is allowed to remain above the ground, sunlight will hasten the breakdown to its primary elements of carbon dioxide, ammonia and water. Adding 10-15% of the small or powdered polymer in combination with medium or large polymer is recommended in most applications for optimal water storage.

By following these recommendations plant stress and watering requirements can be reduced:

For 1 gal use 1/4 cup, 3 gal use � cup, 5 gal use � cup 15 gal use 1 � cup. Dig hole at least three times the size of the container and incorporate Aqua Sorb through out the area. After planting, create a dam around the tree or if on a slope leave the top side open to collect water thus allowing a water reservoir to be readily absorbed by polymer. (1/4 cup = 2 oz. Polymer)
Use 12-45 pounds per 1,000 square feet at 4-6" depth cultivation. Use less for drier plants and more for moisture loving plants. After planting, a good coat of mulch will dress up the bed and cover any loose polymer, thus giving a finished look and protecting the polymer from premature degradation by sunlight.
For application before sodding, 4-5 pounds per 1,000 square feet tilled 1-2" deep or 5 pounds tilled 4-6" deep. Application can be either by hand or a lawn spreader. Never use more than 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet tilled only one inch, as prolonged sponginess may occur. After first rain, hydrated polymer may appear and the sod may seem loose. However, the exposed polymer will dissolve and after the roots grow from the sod, the looseness will dissipate.
4" pot 1/6 tsp., 6" pot 1 tsp., 8" pot 2 tsp., 10" pot 3 tsp. When potting, it is best to have most of the polymer toward the bottom of the pot so it will better absorb available water. If applying polymer, use 4 parts soil to 1 part hydrated polymer.
Dry application: dip moist roots into dry Aqua Sorb, which allows instant hydration when watered thus coating and protecting roots. Wet application: 2TBS per gallon water or until gel is a thick slurry. Dip roots into gel to keep moist for planting, then add appropriate amount of polymer to hole for water retention. Aqua Sorb is short lived (6 months-1 year) and used for bare rooting, seed coating and some potting soils where moisture retention is critical to the survival of the transplanting and germination.