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Before and After Environment

View the Online Video of World Business Review features natural approaches to environmental problems with P.O.L. Sorb.


Peculiar, MO July 9, 2008 -- With its motto, �Protecting the environment one spill at a time,� The ARK Enterprises [] has established itself as one of the leading providers



Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces the appearance of The A.R.K. Enterprises Inc. on World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig.


July 04, 2008

The ARK Enterprises Attracting Worldwide Attention for its Green Products

The ARK's bio-based environmentally responsible tools for hazardous cleanups. Featured on international television program World Business Review, natural absorbents seen as green solution to oil contamination problems.


P O L Sorb

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Spill Kits

P.O.L. Sorb� Spill Kits are perfect for emergency situations!

P.O.L. Sorb� Spill Kits may be placed throughout a maintenance facility for use in case of spills of oils, chemicals, organic solvents or paints.

P.O.L. Sorb�Spill Kits may be placed in buses, waste haulers, and other transportation vehicles in case of spills (hydraulic fluid, brake fluid or transmission fluid, etc.) and/or accidents which occur on the road. Spill Kits may be used for containment purposes before and until emergency crews arrive on the scene.

P.O.L. Sorb�Spill Kits provide a company with the proper materials needed to meet or exceed regulations set forth by the EPA and OSHA.

P.O.L. Sorb� Spill Kits may be placed on boats, barges, ships or any other seagoing vessels to be used in case of spills or leaks into a waterway.

P.O.L. Sorb� Spill Kits may be placed on fire trucks, tow trucks and police vehicles for response to spills, fires, accidents or major leaks. P.O.L. Sorb Spill Kits will be used to contain the problem until a trained emergency response team arrives at the site to professionally clean up the spill.

Item# Description Each Kit Contains the following peat moss products & accessories:
11015 Nylon tote spill response kit 4 � 18x18 pads, 2-2x5 socks, 1-� cu. ft. bag of P.O.L. Sorb, 2 � waste disposal bags
11025 25 gal. drum spill response kit 7 � 18x18 pads, 1-4x8 sock, 2-4x4 socks, 1- � cu. ft. bags of P.O.L. Sorb, 2 � Tyvek suits, 2�prs. Nitrile gloves, 1 pr. Safety goggles, 3 waste disposal bags
11055 55 gal. drum spill response kit 15 � 18x18 pads, 2 � 4x8 socks, 2-4x4 socks, 3-� cu. ft. bags of P.O.L. Sorb, 3-Tyvek suits, 3-prs. Nitrile gloves, 3-prs. Safety goggles, 5 waste disposal bags.
11056 55 gal. drum marine spill response kit 10-18x18 pads, 5-2x10 socks, 2pr nitrile gloves, 1-shovel, 1-3.5 gallon bucket, 5-� cu. ft. bag of P.O.L. Sorb, 2-Tyvek Suits, 2-prs. Nitrile gloves, 1-2 quart Emulsifier, 5-waste disposal bags
SK550 55 gal.drum spill response kit (1) 55 gallon U.N. approved open top drum, (2) 1 ea. spark free shovel , (3) 3 pr. chemical resistant rubber gloves, (4) 6 ea. Disposal non-Toxic dust mask, (5) 4 ea. 55 gallon collection bags, (6) 1 ea. light clean up broom, (7) 2 ea. 18 lb. Bag POL Sorb Peat Moss, (8) 6 ea. 4" x 4" Peat Moss Socks, (9) 1 ea. Blank Hazardous Label
**Absorbs approximately 50 gallons