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Before and After Environment

View the Online Video of World Business Review features natural approaches to environmental problems with P.O.L. Sorb.


Peculiar, MO July 9, 2008 -- With its motto, “Protecting the environment one spill at a time,” The ARK Enterprises [] has established itself as one of the leading providers



Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces the appearance of The A.R.K. Enterprises Inc. on World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig.


July 04, 2008

The ARK Enterprises Attracting Worldwide Attention for its Green Products

The ARK's bio-based environmentally responsible tools for hazardous cleanups. Featured on international television program World Business Review, natural absorbents seen as green solution to oil contamination problems.


Ark Enterprises Videos


POL Sorb Demonstration

POL Sorb Demostration:

Protecting Wildlife and their coats



POL Sorb Protecting the Environment

POL Sorb Cost Savings in the Millions!


POL Sorb Demostrating "Wicking" Power

POL Sorb Demostrating "Wicking Power Short Version"




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